Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy

The energy sector is undergoing a profound and complex transformation as the shift to renewable energy gathers momentum. Barrack Broking works closely with the businesses driving this change to renewable energy, including solar, wind and hydropower.

We recognise the adverse impacts of a changing climate to Australian lives and the economy. And we are proud to support the businesses accelerating Australia’s shift to affordable and reliable renewable energy.

The key risks for the
Renewable Energy sector

The rapid growth of renewable energy in Australia has contributed to significant changes in risk and insurer appetite for the sector. 

The key risks of the sector include:
  • uico-circle-bullet The constant evolution of renewable energy technology. For example, wind turbines are increasing in size and complexity while solar panel technology is transforming to deliver more efficiencies and easier installation. The constantly evolving technology creates two challenges for insurers. First, the untested technology is more difficult to underwrite as the technology’s performance is unknown. Secondly, the falling installation costs has led to a reduction in premium volumes.
  • uico-circle-bullet The exposure to natural catastrophes. For example, renewable energy plants such as solar farms and wind farms are impacted by flood, hail, cyclones or earthquakes.
  • uico-circle-bullet The hardening of the insurance market due to the increased frequency and severity of losses in the renewable energy sector. This has led to rate increases, constriction in capacity, changes to coverage limits, and the extension of deductibles. These market changes come as demand for renewable energy insurance is increasing. This in turn has accelerated the hardening of the market.

How we can help

Barrack Broking has significant professional experience in the renewable energy sector. We understand the common risk exposures that renewable energy clients are exposed to. And in applying our Barrack Broking Principles, we focus on understanding the unique risks of your business.
Case study:

Review of risk financing
and insurance program

Barrack Broking assisted the Senior Executives of a large renewable energy business to identify and quantify risks across their business. This included an independent review the business’s risk financing and insurance program. The objective was to ensure that insurable risks were identified and understood, and the insurance program was appropriate in responding to the risks identified.

In partnering with our client, we:
  • uico-circle-bullet Coordinated a steering committee consisting of stakeholders from all departments within the business.
  • uico-circle-bullet Conducted an Organisational Risk Management Review and Benchmarking exercise, to identify key risk exposures, including risks that were not covered in the insurance program.
  • uico-circle-bullet Put in place recommendations to improve communication and reporting processes in managing risk and insurance.
  • uico-circle-bullet Implemented changes as instructed by the Senior Executive team.
The review produced a detailed analysis of the business’s risk profile and insurance program, and with this information the Senior Executive team made more informed management decisions.
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