Impacted by bushfires? Take our six simple steps in making a property claim

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Bushfires have an immediate and ongoing devastating impact on many communities, be they directly hit by fire or indirectly affected. Insurance has its role to play and we’ve seen a number of insurers setting up emergency response procedures.

We anticipate that for the large majority of policyholders, their claims will handled through these processes and managed as efficiently and compassionately as possible.

Many policyholders, in particular business owners, may be experiencing a claims process for the first time. In preparation, here are six simple steps to help you with the process.

  1. Ensure safety first. Follow any guidance issued by emergency services before returning to your affected property.
  2. Minimise your loss. Where possible, take action to prevent further damage to your property and reduce personal safety concerns.
  3. Contact your broker or insurer. Notify your insurance broker or insurer of your intention to make a claim.
  1. Create an inventory of lost or damaged property.
  2. Work with your insurer’s appointed assessors. The assessors will help quantify the cost of repairing or replacing items and give direction in sourcing and checking quotations.
  3. In dispute? Contact the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). If you’re unhappy with how your claim is being handled, contact the AFCA Bushfire Support Line.


At Barrack Broking, we find that disputes around insurance claims often occur where:

  • Policy terms and conditions don’t align with the expectations of policyholders, or
  • There is insufficient information available for assessors and insurers to determine an acceptable settlement offer.

To avoid disputes we suggest that:

Where your expectations are not met, raise this with your broker or insurer. If you find their response unsatisfactory, contact the AFCA Bushfire Support Line: 1800 337 444 (

You collate as much information as possible. Do your best to have as much information as possible to hand on the damaged or lost property. Draw up an inventory and locate any images of the damaged or lost property.

Barrack Broking is here to assist
If you are feeling lost in the process of making a claim, contact us for a confidential discussion, call: 02 9191 7320 or email:

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