Mid-sized and Growing Businesses

Barrack Broking helps mid-sized businesses grow with confidence by designing strategies that cover your risk, address your insurance needs and help you plan for future disruptions to your operations.

On understanding your business objectives, we:

  • uico-circle-bullet Design a Risk Management Program and Insurance Program Strategy that allows your business to operate and explore opportunities with confidence.
  • uico-circle-bullet Monitor and track exposure changes.
  • uico-circle-bullet Consider practical risk mitigation measures.
  • uico-circle-bullet Provide extensive access to the insurance marketplace.
  • uico-circle-bullet Act as claim advocates.
  • uico-circle-bullet Provide a framework for evaluating emerging risks and, offer continuous updates of changes and trends within the insurance industry.

We make every effort to maximize the efficiency of your insurance program and reduce your costs.


Challenges faced by mid-sized and growing businesses

Agility can be strength for any mid-sized business. Though changes in your business activity may change your risk profile. Any new risks need to be understood and covered. For any business, there is also the need to fully assess the impact of external and environmental risk.

Listed below are some of the common risks faced by mid-sized businesses:

  • New technologies
  • Business interruption
  • Cyber incidents
  • Loss of reputation or brand value
  • Shortage of skilled workforce
  • Natural catastrophes
  • Fire, Explosion

How can we help your mid-sized and growing business?

We want your business to excel. Through our advice, you will gain a greater understanding of risk and the confidence to deal with it.

Contact our team of trusted insurance brokers and risk consultants.

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