Large companies

Directors and executive management of large companies continue to be closely examined by regulators and shareholders. And comprehensive governance frameworks, strategy development and risk management policies and processes need to be in place for safe navigation towards the company’s business objectives.

We understand that in setting strategy large companies:

  • uico-circle-bullet Must balance the interests of shareholders and investors alongside those of its employees and customers.
  • uico-circle-bullet Frame their strategic direction over extended timeframes of one, two or five years or even longer.
  • uico-circle-bullet Draw on the advice of their risk manager or team of risk professionals within the business to identify, evaluate, help treat and monitor potential risks to which the business may be exposed.
Barrack Broking works closely with large companies to understand their business strategy and risk processes and overlay this with an aligning risk financing and insurance strategy.
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Challenges faced by large organisations

Large organisations tend to have a higher degree of complexity in the risks they are exposed to and their risk financing and insurance requirements. We focus on:
  • Proactively identifying those risks
  • Understanding the existing risk management controls in place, and
  • Considering the broadest possible range of risk financing and insurance solutions available.
With this focus, we create a solution which strikes a balance between the resources and appetite the company has to manage the risk versus transferring the risk to insurers.

How can we help your large organisation?

We will work as a business partner to help you with a more sophisticated decision-making approach around risk transfer and an enhanced presentation of your risks to the insurance market. Contact our team of trusted risk consultants and insurance brokers.
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