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We partner with clients to help them understand the liabilities, synergies and risk associated with mergers and acquisitions. Our risk consulting and insurance advisory services are designed to minimise and transfer transactional risks, support integration and maximise the success of the M&A.

We assist clients during all stages in the transaction lifecycle, providing information and adding value at each stage of the transaction process. By examining the small details of the deal, we help to identify large opportunities, uncover obstacles and ensure that your investments are protected.

How we can help

Our M&A services can be adapted to the specific circumstances of the transaction. For acquisitions we will work with you to review the activities and risks associated with a target, review the insurance implications from a coverage and pricing perspective, advise on assumption of liabilities and run-off coverage considerations, and review whether to include the target within existing insurance arrangements or place insurance on a stand-alone basis.

Our core M&A services include:

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Market UpdateImpact Of Climate Change
10 Sep 2020

The impact of Climate Change

By Barrack Broking
IAG and the US-based National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) have released the second edition of the Severe Weather in a Changing Climate report. The updated report incorporates new research and feedback from the scientific community and reinforces that extreme bushfires, tropical cyclones, storms, hail and floods are becoming more frequent and intense in a […]
Risk TipHazardous Materials 2
14 Aug 2020

Flammable Liquid Risks

By Barrack Broking
Flammable liquids are one of the largest groups of hazardous materials. Vapours are invisible, they spread quickly and ignite easily, causing an explosion/fire that includes rapid flame spread and is extremely difficult to extinguish.  While substituting with non-flammable alternatives is the only way to eliminate this risk, there are steps you can take to manage it.  Contain your flammable liquid risks  Where possible, it is best to substitute […]
Market UpdateCanva Lightning And Tornado Hitting Village (1)
21 Jul 2020

Risky Business: A risky year for directors and officers

By Barrack Broking
Directors and officers are required to adhere to a raft of rules and legislation when operating a business, including corporate and prudential; work, health and safety; environmental; copyright; and customs.  The direct impacts of the 2020 bushfires and Covid-19, as well as the subsequent and sustained financial downturn, will create significant additional risk to company […]
Risk TipClaims Management & Consulting (1)
21 Apr 2020

Impacted by bushfires? Take our six simple steps in making a property claim

By Barrack Broking
Bushfires have an immediate and ongoing devastating impact on many communities, be they directly hit by fire or indirectly affected. Insurance has its role to play and we’ve seen a number of insurers setting up emergency response procedures. We anticipate that for the large majority of policyholders, their claims will handled through these processes and […]
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