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Real Estate

Having advised real estate agencies, strata managers, and property owners for more than a decade, we understand their business objectives and the variables they deal with. The risks are wide ranging, from the known and emerging risks associated with the use of certain building materials, through to the impacts of climate change and cyber attacks on payment systems.

How we can help

In our experience, there are unique aspects to every property sector business. Through applying our Barrack Broking Principles, these unique aspects are considered in our tailored approach to risk management and insurance.
Following our methodology, we will:
  • uico-circle-bullet Spend time with you to understand your business - its current financial position, short-term goals and objectives for the future. 
  • uico-circle-bullet Review your assets and the investment that you put into protecting them.
  • uico-circle-bullet Conduct a thorough investigation of the existing risk management activities and, using existing best practice, we’ll make recommendations on what activities can be refined or enhanced.
  • uico-circle-bullet Talk your language and benchmark the progress you’re making using metrics that are meaningful in your business, for example, by calculating the cost of risk per square metre.

This approach allows us to present your business to a wider range of insurers and secure more competitive pricing for the requested insurance coverage.

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