Legal Practitioners

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Legal Practitioners 

Barrack Broking works with Australian lawyers practising in a range of legal environments, from small practices and large national law firms to incorporated legal practices and community legal services.

Our risk consulting and insurance broking services complement the professional indemnity insurance that lawyers are required to hold to engage in legal practice.

The key risks for Legal Practitioners

As professional advisers, legal practitioners are exposed to claims from third parties alleging professional negligence. Most commonly, these claims can arise from:

  • uico-circle-bullet Fraud and dishonesty
  • uico-circle-bullet Conflicts of interest
  • uico-circle-bullet Sale and purchase of businesses
  • uico-circle-bullet Poor work documentation
  • uico-circle-bullet Poor communication with clients
  • uico-circle-bullet Conveyancing and property related transactions
  • uico-circle-bullet Mortgage and commercial borrowing transactions
  • uico-circle-bullet Out of time personal injury litigation.

How we can help

We can assist with a broad range of risk consulting and insurance broking needs, including:

  • uico-circle-bullet Professional Indemnity (Excess of Loss)
  • uico-circle-bullet Employment Practices Liability
  • uico-circle-bullet Group Salary Continuance
  • uico-circle-bullet Network Security and Privacy (Cyber)
  • uico-circle-bullet Management Liability
  • uico-circle-bullet Tax Probes
  • uico-circle-bullet Property / Industrial Special Risks.
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